beamUP BU100 Garage Door Opener, ½ HPe Chain Drive


The beamUP BU100 Garage Door Opener is the workhorse of the line. Simple and durable, will supply years of reliable use.


  • The BU100 Garage Door Opener was built without frills and nonsense.  The durable and reliable chain drive system will open and close your door with confidence day in day out.

  • Includes one 1-button multi-frequency remote with superior range and faster entry into your garage.

  • Integrated 1500 lumen energy efficient LED lighting system.

  • The BU100 Garage Door Opener can be installed without any special tools. Step-by-step installation manual, telephone tech support, and installation video tutorials. We are here to help.

  • Powerful enough to open your typical 7' garage door, this quiet ½ HPe DC motor is backed by a best in class 5-year motor warranty.

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