General Questions

How do I know if my garage door opener(s) are compatible with beam?

You can view a list of devices that we know are compatible on our Compatible Garage Door Openers page. We are constantly adding to the list of compatible devices, so even if your opener is not listed yet, there’s an excellent chance that it will still work with beam.

The Smart Garage+ should be purchased for sectional doors with garage door openers made after 1993 with a photo-eye safety system. (Command output is not compatible with garage door openers with serial encryption).

I have a single panel (non-sectional) garage door. Can I use beam?

Yes, beam works with single panel garage doors and sectional garage doors. beam should not be used with swinging garage doors.

Is it possible beam could damage my garage door opener?

No. beam is a passive, isolated device. It’s designed to protect your opener and itself. beam is also UL-325 listed which covers a number of additional safety features, such as visual/audio warnings, which ensure the safety of the user and their property.

How is beam powered?

beam is powered through an adapter that plugs into a standard 120V AC electrical outlet (for North America). We are currently working on support for locations outside of North America.

How many doors can beam control?

You can control one garage door with the Smart Garage Door Controller.

Are beam door sensors wired or wireless?

The beam door sensors are wireless.

Does beam work with my 5GHz WiFi network?

The current version of beam will only join a 2.4GHz WiFi network. If you are not sure whether your network is a 2.GHz or 5GHz, it is common for 5GHz networks to have a “-5” or “-5G” after the network name to help distinguish it from the 2.4GHz network (which usually does not have a  suffix).

Is beam secure?

Yes. beam uses industry standard security technology to keep your data and access to your garage safe and secure. All communications and sensitive data (such as your password) are encrypted and secured in our databases using the same technology as online banking. In addition, we have put in place numerous security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to your controller.

beam continues to update our security standards as technology evolves.

Where can I buy beam?

beam can currently only be purchased online through Amazon.

What is the return process?

Returns can be process through Amazon.


Understanding the WiFi status light

The WiFi status light is the small LED that blinks on the top side of the controller that indicates the status of your device’s connection. If the WiFi status light is blinking green, the device is successfully connected to WiFi.

My controller is not connecting to WiFi

In some instances, using your WiFi network name and password during setup may not be successful. To aid in successfully connecting to WiFi:

  • Completely cover the setup port with the phone screen facing towards the port. Leave no gap between the screen and the side of the controller.

  • Try adjusting the brightness of your phone.

  • It may also be helpful to dim the lights in the room or cup your hand over your phone during programming to minimize light interference.

Door is out of sync with the beam Home app

You may encounter an issue where the door icon in your app does not reflect the actual position of your door. In order to force a sync so the app displays the correct position, tap the beam logo above the door view (iOS) or shake your phone (Android). This will force the app the sync with the true position of your doors.

If you are receiving open door notifications when the door is actually closed. This is usually a product of one of three reasons:

  1. Door Sensor Low Battery: The door sensor two AAA batteries need to be changed from time to time (approximately every year). Try changing the batteries of the sensor and placing it back on the door.

  2. Door Sensor Not Attached to Door: Check that the door sensor is still mounted to the door. If it has fallen off, mount it back on the door. 

  3. Door Obstruction: If an object is blocking the door from closing fully, beam will consider the door to be open—even if it’s 1-2 feet.

“Error: cannot connect to controller…”

If you receive this error message while trying to open or close your door from the beam Home mobile app, your controller may be having an issue with connecting to your wireless network. There are a number of potential explanations:

  • No active internet connection: Check that your wireless is functional using another device (such as a laptop or tablet) to attempt to connect to the internet.

  • Weak wireless network signal: The wireless network signal in your garage may not be strong enough for the controller to remain connected. You can test this by trying to use another device to connect to the internet (such as a laptop or tablet) in the garage. If that does not work, you might need to move your router closer to the garage, or purchase a wireless extender to increase the range of your network.

  • Your controller is powered off: If the controller is powered off or unplugged, you will receive this message. This could mean that the power is off to the entire garage as well, such as in a power outage.

If none of the preceding points seem to be the cause, there are a couple other things you can check.

  • If you recently changed your network settings/configuration, you may need to setup beam again using the setup feature of the mobile app. To update your WiFi settings, go to your Account Settings > Controllers > Select Your Controller > click Update WiFi.

  • Power cycle the controller and wait for the front LED to blink green. If it blinks green and shuts off, this means the controller was able to successfully connect to the network.

If the above checks do not solve your problem, we encourage you to contact us for further troubleshooting, or call 1-800-436-9186.

Download the Smart Garage+ Installation Guide to view detailed, step-by-step instructions.


Download the Smart Garage+ Installation Guide to view detailed, step-by-step instructions.