beamUP Smart Garage Door Controller

Need help with installing or using your beamUP Smart Garage Door Controller? Our customer service team is standing by, or you can browse a list of common questions below.



Installing the beamUP Smart Garage Door Controller

Installation and setup is easy and requires no special tools. Download the Installation Guide to view detailed, step-by-step instructions.

  1. Download and install the beam Home app (available oniOS and Android)

  2. Open the beam Home app, select “Setup Your beam” and follow the instructions in app

  3. Mount the wireless door sensor to the top interior panel of the garage door

  4. Mount the controller to the opener

  5. Connect the opener cable to the push wire terminals using a screwdriver

  6. That’s it! 

Tools needed

All you need is a screwdriver, smartphone and a ladder for installation! A WiFi connection is also required for setup. 

Mounting the controller

The controller can be mounted to either the garage door opener or a nearby surface using the adhesive backing strips on the back of the controller. We recommend cleaning and wiping dry the mounting location beforehand. The controller should be mounted within 6 feet of the garage door opener and a nearby power source.

The adhesive is non-permanent so it can be re-positioned, if necessary (though this should be avoided). 

Connecting to WiFi

An active internet connection is required to setup and use beam, so we recommend programming the controller within your home (near your router). This step is fairly straight-forward but variations in networks, phones and other environmental conditions can cause issues. If you’re having trouble connecting, visit our troubleshooting page.

*Note: The current version of beam will only join a 2.4GHz WiFi network. If you are not sure whether your network is a 2.GHz or 5GHz, it is common for 5GHz networks to have a “-5” or “-5G” after the network name to help distinguish it from the 2.4GHz network (which usually does not have a  suffix).

Mounting the wireless door sensor

Properly mounting the wireless door sensor is crucial to the operation of beam. The sensor should be installed at the top of your garage door’s interior panel. We recommend cleaning and wiping dry the installation location prior to mounting to ensure proper adhesion.

When you’re ready to mount, remove the battery tab from the back of the sensor and mount to the cleaned area of your garage door using the adhesive Velcro strip.