The Workhorse

The Workhorse garage door opener from beamUP embraces a no frills attitude. The durable, heavy-duty chain drive system opens and closes your garage door with confidence – day in, day out. Whether your garage is 8'x7' single door or 16'x7' double door, the Workhorse lifts with ease even the heaviest of carriage house doors.

Step-by-step installation manuals, YouTube video tutorials, and telephone tech support available – we are here to help!

MODEL BU100 - Heavy-Duty Chain Drive, Wall Button, Remote Control

Edge to Edge LED.gif


  • Powerful enough to open the heaviest of carriage house garage doors, this quiet ¾ Horsepower equivalent DC motor smoothly runs a heavy-duty chain drive.

  • The Workhorse has an integrated security lighting system. The Workhorse blankets your garage in Edge-to-Edge 1500 lumen illumination.

  • The heavy-duty chain drive requires no maintenance - with a 5 year warranty.

  • Includes 1-Button remote control that easily fits on your car visor or purse.  

  • Wall Button has a large clicker allowing homeowners to cycle the Workhorse in the dark.

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Need help with installing or using your beamUP Workhorse Garage Door Opener? Our customer service team is standing by, or you can browse a list of common questions.

Click here for mobile instructions or download the Workhorse Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions.